Finding a Way Through – Elizabeth Ostrander, Artist Choice

“I want my sculptures to hold space, to produce the feeling of connection with the mythical and the mystical within and to create bridges to new possibilities,” shares Elizabeth Ostrander Roberts, the only sculptor of the thirteen artists in the 8th Annual Choice Art Show on Maine Art Hill.

8th Annual Choice Art Show and Block Party 2019

This year we began with seventy-eight original works from thirteen artists; six pieces each.  Then, as most of you know, this is where the process begins. Between the artist,  local designer Louise Hurlbutt from Hurlbutt Designs, and you the voters, the show was curated down to three pieces from each artist. These three were carefully “chosen” to be in the show, and we so appreciate all the help we had making these difficult decisions. The three choices for each artist were just as arduous this year as in the past.

Elizabeth Ostrander – Artist Insights

Elizabeth Ostrander has not forgotten her “inner woman”. She celebrates her with clay and a glaze of acrylic paint to make her come alive in so many of her sculptures. “The mystical and the mythical is an essential part of my female life and experience,” says Ostrander. “Female images in my sculptures reflect not only my own experiences as a woman, but also synchronies beyond myself.”

The Sculpture

When someone asks of art in Maine the mind goes to seascapes and fishing boats, Classic Maine scenes captured in acrylic or watercolor hung on walls in memory of a time and place lest we forget the beauty. Yet when walking into Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture, one quickly realizes it is more than just one dimensional. Here, among the canvases, is sculpture.

Elizabeth Ostrander in BIRD – A Maine Art Show

Elizabeth Ostrander by Ric Kasini Kadour In her ceramic and acrylic sculptures, Elizabeth Ostrander expresses a mystical fantasy world. She uses her sculptures to express ideas of self-agency and selfhood. She embeds these ideas in a mythology that is loosely informed by Paleolithic imagery and an assortment of fables and stories from long gone civilizations. The… Read more »