6th Annual Choice Art Show – Cliff House and Roses by Janis Sanders

**Come meet Janis at Toroso on Tuesday, June 20th from 5-7. Click here for details. “This spot at the end of land at Bailey Island, Maine is continually overflowing with beauty and drama. The surf somehow dips and pounds the shore even on, what appear to be, calm ocean water days,” says Janis Sanders. “The… Read more »

Creating a Moment – Janis H. Sanders

The richness and light found in the collective work of Sanders’ solo show at Maine Art Gallery is spectacular. His classic blue sky has taken on a fresh glow, his structures and landscapes contain fine details in vibrant colors, and the body of work itself contains a great deal of Maine imagery. This show has found a perfect home in our Kennebunk gallery.

A Question of Why and When – Insights into Janis Sanders

“At times the small finishing touches on a painting become the most important. It may be just a tweak, a tiny bit of color, a pastel shade, or a deep rich shadow. My instinct tells me the right place,” says Sanders. “They harmonize with the previous hours of work, and the piece begins to hum. Without these small changes and additions something indefinable, but nevertheless crucial, is simply lacking, wanting and incomplete.”

Janis Sanders – New Works at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture

Sanders is an accomplished oil painter, who has won awards for his distinctive painting style. He melds elements of American Realism with Modernism/Impressionism for a dramatically contemporary visual result. Many of Sanders’ paintings are done outside or “en plein air”, a method introduced by French artists, which means “open air”.

Janis H. Sanders on Headlight and Shadows – An Artist’s Choice

Monhegan Light is an inspiration as a symbol, as well as a physical structure from many views and perspectives. As visitors, we often come by day to view the lighthouse and the stunning coast surrounding it. Rarely does the iconic place have guests in the evening. Except maybe for one of our artists, Janis Sanders. Head Light and Shadows is the result of one of these visits.

Barn Talk with Janis H. Sanders

“Barns and old houses are wonderful and wondrous places, places where people have worked and played and lived and created. They have their own simple functional beauty, They are artifacts left in their own footsteps, footprints walked away from,” says Janis Sanders during a recent discussion about one of his favorite inspirations. “The echoes are still in the air if you listen just right.”