A Sculptor in a Painter’s Medium

“I like to paint by feel. I am better able to search for the form on a larger canvas. I can really move the paint around and figure things out in a way that is much more difficult for me on a smaller canvas,” she says. “I want my work to have a physicality to it. It just feels better to me on a scale that is closer to life-size.”

Rebecca Kinkead Celebrates Youth – A Maine Art Show in Kennebunk

And so, Kinkead’s ‘Stella in the Wind’ series was created by trusting her gut. The piece Stella in the Wind is one of many of Kinkead’s children in her show at Maine Art. This same childhood trust and freedom is found in her Starry Night series. Pieces like Traveler, Starry Night and Wish, Starry Night bring back summer moments of staying up late and making wishes. Not only do we remember these moments, we want to relive them with our own children.

Rebecca Kinkead – A One-Woman Show

The nationally acclaimed paintings of Rebecca Kinkead have arrived in the Kennebunks. Her love of animals, children in motion, and the outdoors is celebrated in this one-woman show at Maine Art Shows in Kennebunk. Whether you are a collector, or viewing her work for the first time, this dynamic show is an intimate step into the heart of the artist.

Rebecca Kinkead – New Artist and New Work

“These paintings are an exploration of energy, transience and time; The residue of a fleeting moment; The seen, and unseen vibrations of a living being,” says Kinkead. Every word of this description rings true in Cannonball (Yellow and Blue). The motion is captured in the fragments of water which surround the child as the sunlight reflects on the splintered surface. There is no gender, no age. It is memory so many of us share; not only a moment from our childhood, but one we have recreated with our own children. It is timeless.