Charles Bluett – Artist Inspiration

Drifting to Shore by Charles Bluett

For Charles Bluett, inspiration has come from his surroundings, the art which surrounds him, the people who surround him and lastly and most importantly, the place and the beauty which surround him.

“Specific artists who I love are wide and varied,” claims Charles Bluett. “Turner’s magnificent energy filled landscapes and skies and Joan Miros’s blocks of confined color fascinate me. Then there is Andy Goldsworthy’s sublime use of natural elements and objects to create pieces that simply astound in their imagination and final effect, as they blend into the natural outdoor environments he creates them. Every day I see artists, both well known and unheard of as yet, whose art triggers all kinds of passions and thoughts for me. I take them into my own sub-conscious and influence my works going forward.”

The Breakers by Charles Bluett Gathering Sea Clouds by Charles Bluett The Connection Between Land Sea and Sky by Charles Bluett

Bluett has been lucky enough to travel to over forty countries in his life. Even the names of his children, Ty and India, came about from his love of travel and the experience of different cultures and continents.

“India, my daughter’s name, comes from my traveling throughout India at eighteen years of age on an old motorcycle for nearly a year,” shares Bluett.  “It was here, probably above all places other than the US, that I first really saw the colors and ethereal beauty of the great outdoors on a grand scale. No one more so than the creator of great outdoors itself keeps me in check every day with my own self.”

England, where Bluett was raised, is, after all, a small island. As a result, for him, the skies never achieve the monumental scale they do in the United States or places like India.

 Distant Breakers Under a Talking Sky

“Natural wonders fascinate me and influence my work daily. Something as simple as a flowing pebble-filled brook or an early morning walk as the low clouds lift over the tree-lined hills,” says Bluett. “Maine is so blessed to have in it such diversity. The wet, winter, windblown, desolate coastline, a field in late summer filled with fireflies, or the warm, dust-filled air as it blows across the landscape turning the light into soft hues, this state has it all.”

The tones and colors of Maine are what pull at Bluett. For him, there is so much to see with every step he takes. He always makes sure to see as much as he can with every footfall.


There is an important influence for Bluett when trying to convey in his own work that sense of awe and peace the natural world has to offer. “There is an ethereal sense of being one with the environment. The ability to lose myself in a thought that does not involve thought, just seeing and sensing and being in balance with the natural outdoors is a blessing. Every day there are a thousand things to see and behold when I take the time to stop and look,” Bluett shares.  “I call it peace.”

Bluett has recently been by the gallery and dropped off several new pieces of work that capture this feeling in its purest form.  We welcome you to stop in and see them in person. In February we are open every day from 10 am to 5 pm. As always, his work is available for view by clicking here for his Artist Page. You can also read more about Bluett and his work by going to our blog, Charles Bluett – Artist Stories and Insights.