City Life – Bethany Harper Williams

Living in NYC, one can’t help but be influenced by the energy of the streets. Especially when she gets to walking to and from her art studio.

“I’m constantly snapping shots of the city and its people and dogs,” shares Bethany Harper Williams. “I love the visual stimulation. Between the lights and reflections and the endless patterns.Not to mention the lines on the street, blocks of windows, layers of buildings, symbols, and signs, and the people with their dogs – so many dogs!”

Once potos are taken , she blurs them into photoshop so the details are lost, but the patterns remain. These become her inspiration for for her city series as well as her abstract series.

When Williams is in the city it is all about trying to capture the mood and energy of a place. She is nevernot worried about exact details or specific buildings.

“I am inspired by all the patterns, geometry, symbols, reflections, but never static,” shares Williams. “It is about taking a visual image and deconstructing it into the various shapes and patterns and playing around with perspective or dimensions, relationships of colors and patterns.”

Sometimes an image will start with specific buildings or people or shapes then she  goes over with many layers loosening up the image, taking it beyond the particular and turning it into a composition of shapes and colors.

“It becomes more a study on composition of the balance of shapes and colours rather than a representation of a specific place,” she says. “Of course everything depends on my mood each day.” Sometimes, if I start getting too tight or too realistic, then I go back in and ‘mess it up’ with more layers/patterns of color.”

Of course, she has to leave the city sometimes..

“As much as I love the city and all it has to offer, when it’s time to go to Maine, I can’t wait! The open landscapes, the colors of the sky and ocean, the serenity—they are my two bookends—so completely different, but both make me happy! It’s my City Girl Beach Girl balance!

Be sure to wander in and peek at the kaleidoscope of color Williams brings to The Gallery at 14 Western Avenue in Kennebunk; this show hangs on the first floor from May 11 to 30. Also, mark your calendars for the Artists’ Receptions on May 25 from 5-7 PM at 14 Western Avenue and 5 Chase Hill Road. FMI, 207-9672803 or

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Bethany Harper Williams – 2024 Spring Show 

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