Clamming at Low Tide – Charles Bluett’s Fall Favorite on Maine Art Hill

Charles Bluett | Clamming Low Tide | Acrylic on Canvas | 13″ X 19″ | $1600

 “As winter approaches and the days turn colder, grabbing some steaming fresh clams from the beaches along the New England Coastline is a great pastime with rewards attached,” shares artist Charles Bluett. “These are gifts from the sea that take a low tide and a bit of digging.”

Just seeing a sole figure out there on the flats with their bucket against the turning skies is a privilege to see and inspires Bluett’s work.

“The solitude of the individual and his or her thoughts set against the ever-changing beaches and sea skies as the tides ebb and flow around their form is so beautiful,” says Bluett.  “I felt this work really captured all of those moments and emotions.  It is a favorite. And as they say, the best gifts come in small packages.”

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