Connections – Insights from Rebecca Kinkead

“These paintings are moments of stillness and movement… all inspired by patterns and events over time,” Rebecca Kinkead, artist.

Swim Team (White Caps)

Rebecca Kinkead’s work is known throughout the United States. Her children and animals are celebrated for the wonder and life she captures in a medium of wax, chalk powder and pigment she creates herself.

“It’s taken me twenty years to develop the technique and skills to have something I’m thinking and feeling inside, come out on a canvas,” shares Kinkead. “They finally look a way that feels and communicates what I want.”

Her ambiguous children spark memories of our own childhood, and often those of our own children and grandchildren. With minimal background to tell of time or place, her subjects are caught in a moment of joy and play.

Rope Swing (Blue and Orange) Jump (Blue Sky)

“I want my work to feel more like an experience,” says Kinkead. “I try to abstract things to a certain level that allows a viewer to enter the place, but leave room for their own story.”

Her painting of animals, especially wild animals, allows for very different experience for both artist and viewer. “There is something about painting wild animals that makes me a better painter,” explains Kinkead. “I want to paint them in a way that’s respectful of them and with a certain proficiency.”

Barred Owl (Winter Woods) Grey Wolf ( Watching)

With this, a connection from the subject to the viewer is made. It is as if eye contact has been established from canvas and color directly to the audience. It is a sharing of a particular time and place, a private moment delivered from what is wild, but also with the artist herself.

The connection to her collectors is a benifit to Kinkead. “Getting to talk with people who are getting something from my work is the most gratifying experience,” she shares. “It’s exciting to connect with someone who is understanding my language, and it’s impacting them in a way they are appreciative of what I do.”

Kinkead is in the process of building a new home and studio in Vermont where she will be situated come this fall. While her new place was being built, she attended two residencies. The first at Jentel Art Foundation in Banner, WY where she produced the wolf and eagle pieces we presently have here at Maine Art Hill. The second of the two was at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT.

Maine Art Hill carries Rebecca Kinkead paintings year round. There is always a display of her work as well as new work continually coming in. Visit our website regularly and sign up for our email list to be contacted when her new pieces arrive.

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