Considering a Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculpture? — How About Free Shipping?

Artist Lyman Whitaker, Whitaker Studios, and Maine Art Hill are all strong believers in the need for social distancing. We encourage everyone to stay home, enjoy their space, and move at a slower pace.

Whitaker Studios is well aware of how kinetic art and sculpture can enhance your garden or landscape to create a space for quiet contemplation or add whimsey to your family’s backyard. Whitaker Studios wants to help bring this to your backyard. If you have been considering a Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculpture, now is the time.

For a limited time, we have joined forces with Whitaker Studios to assist our clients in the buying process. Together, Maine Art Hill and Whitaker Studios are temporarily sharing the cost of shipping on all Whitaker Wind Sculptures, up to the Extra-Large, in the contiguous United States.* For any Wind Sculpture shipping outside of the State of Maine*, your total cost would be just the cost of the Wind Sculpture you’ve selected. Shipping is free!

Free shipping* will apply to all new drop-ship orders for sculptures size SMALL through EXTRA-LARGE placed on or after March 20, 2020.

So what do you do now? Here’s a step-by-step:

Step One –  Use the following link to see all sculpture choices online from the privacy and safety of your own home and choose your favorites. MAINE ART HILL’S COLLECTION OF LYMAN WHITAKER WIND SCULPTURES

Step Two –  Click the sculpture and then select the size you need.

Step Three – You will then be prompted to either INQUIRE or BUY.

INQUIRE – This button automatically opens your email. Just let us know you are interested and how we can reach you, and we can move forward from there.

BUY – This button brings you to a page for you to fill in all your information to purchase this sculpture. This button also sends us an email, and we will reach out to you. We will make sure your shipping information is correct and we will also follow up with an estimated ship date. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us.

As always, you are welcome to bypass either button and just start a conversation with one of our gallery staff.  Call us at 207-967-2803 and leave a message. All voice messages send an automatic email notice to the gallery manager. We will check messages Monday-Friday, 10am to 5pm EST.

Don’t forget our virtual capabilities with Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures and photos of your yard.  Wind Sculptures can be virtually placed in your yard as quickly as paintings can be placed on your wall. All we need is a few simple measurements, so we can create an image showing virtually how the sculpture looks installed in your space.

This is a tremendous offer! We can’t thank Lyman Whitaker and Whitaker Studios enough. We are so fortunate to have artists willing to help in whatever way they can. In the words of Lyman Whitaker,  “We are optimistic that we will all survive this if we stick together.

Our galleries are presently open by appointment only. Please reach out, send us an email, or drop us a message on our voice mail. We are happy to help in any way we can.

Stay Home. Stay Healthy. Stay Connected.

*This offer is valid for shipments within the continental US only and purchases of a Small to an Extra-Large sculpture made on or before March 20 for a limited time. Maine State Tax applied where applicable. Offer expires December 30, 2020.