Craig Mooney on Being Ambiguous

Our long-time clients and visitors have come to love and recognize the works of Craig Mooney. No one captures the color and expanse of the Maine sea and sky the same way he does. Viewers love the fact that the places he paints can be anywhere, but he also holds this same standard to his figurative works.

“My landscapes are places only I have been. They are the epitome of New England’s perfection. There is a piece and part of each beach, mountain, or ocean I have visited, and they represent somewhere I found peace,” Mooney says. “But for you, it should be a memory from a place that makes you happy.”

Along this same line, his new figuratives are beginning to push the abstract, while still capturing the essence of the man, woman or child. Works like In the Bedroom, Evening Commute, and Afternoon Light have a much looser feel to them without losing the connection to place and person.

In The Bedroom by Craig Mooney Evening Commute by Craig Mooney Afternoon Light by Craig Mooney

“The way I do figurative work is the same way I do landscapes. My landscapes are not a specific place, but they are familiar. The trick with figures is to make them ambiguous, but with a sense of realism,” says Mooney. “I want you to put yourself or someone you love into the work.”

His rose window and woman in white are both popular motifs Craig has been working with. However, his newest concept is his ‘surf riders’. These works find a perfect harmony with his love of the ocean and his wave jumping four-year-old daughter.

Surf Riders and Tumbler are perfect pieces for this show. They force the art to be cohesive, and keeps a connection between the pieces,” Mooney says. “The whole show is about escaping and the variety of the work covers the variety of ways people find their own escape.”

Surf Riders by Craig Mooney Tumbler by Craig Mooney

Whether you are a collector of Craig Mooney’s, or you are a first-time viewer, this show will be a delight. We have been representing him for close to ten years, and this is by far some of his best work.

“I am trying to reimagine my image of Maine Art Gallery. It has become so much more than the traditional Maine gallery, and this show has so much more than the classic Mooney sky,” says Craig. “It is by far the most all-encompassing display of my work.”

Craig Mooney

If you still haven’t made it to Kennebunk we encourage you to make plans soon. Craig’s show runs until Thursday, July 20th. Maine Art Shows is found at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk and is open every day from 11am to 5pm. If you cant make it in, please view the show online by clicking here. You can also experience the work in a virtual walk-through by clicking this link; Walk Through Craig Mooney’s Show. It is the next best thing to being here in the flesh.

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