Creating a Moment – Janis H. Sanders


A new show often brings fresh inspiration and untried ideas for an artist. It allows them to open doors and produce work that differs, even just slightly, from previous work. It is an opportunity to showcase their growth as an artist. This is definitely the case for Janis H. Sanders.

“This solo show has broadened my spectrum of theme and palette both, from the focused spotlight sunrise to a 360 degree view. I am thankful for it.  Sometimes we think of ourselves as ‘here’ and daylight and sunlight somewhere ‘out there,’ when in actuality, we all are enveloped in it,” says Sanders. “It’s not separate from us, we are a part of it. We are in it.”


The richness and light found in the collective work of Sanders’ solo show at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture is spectacular. His classic blue sky has taken on a fresh glow, his structures and landscapes contain fine details in vibrant colors, and the body of work itself contains a great deal of Maine imagery. This show has found a perfect home in our Kennebunk gallery.

“As I paint, I know in my gut and with each moving second, there is more evolving in front of me and within me. The outcome of the work is not clear, but I instinctively know there is more to be,” says Sanders. “For me there is no goal but the simple evolving and participation in the being and creation of the moment.”

Janis often compares his work to that of a musician or writer. He understands every detail enhances the feeling of exchange and communication. Images are catalysts for other images, and like words in a song or story, he allows the paint to guide him through this harmonic process.


We encourage everyone to take time this fall and view this incredible work in person. Sanders’ show will run until October 22, and the gallery is open every day from 10am to 6pm. If you can’t make it to Kennebunk, please view the work online at

To read more about Janis Sanders and his work at Maine Art in Kennebunk follow this link. Janis Sanders – Stories and Insights.

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