Dinner at Water’s Edge – William B. Hoyt’s Fall Favorite on Maine Art Hill

William B. Hoyt | Dinner At Water’s Edge | Oil on Canvas Stretched on Panel | 24″ X 36″ | $14,500

“This painting celebrates a serendipitous moment at my daughter’s summer home and son-in-law on Islesboro in Penobscot Bay,” shares Hoyt. “They had a dinner party, guests had arrived, and the lobsters are almost cooked. Out in the harbor, a rendezvous of windjammers has gathered and anchored for the night they hadn’t anticipated, completing the scene as the setting sun goes down.”

“The challenge of painting flames, steam, sunset, and all those boats and my personal connection to the place and the event all contributed to making this my favorite recent painting,” says Hoyt. “Other than the one I’m working on right now… it’s always my current favorite.”

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