Discovering the Landscape – Insights from Artist Ingunn Joergensen

Artist Ingunn Joergensen has a very distinct style and often a different subject matter. For her summer show at Maine Art Hill, she wanted to do something a little more.

“In this show, I have explored different landscapes, a subject matter I have not visited in a while,” says Joergensen.

With the new landscapes also come a pop of color of which even Mother Nature would approve. The peaceful and serene scapes hold swatches of purples and golds and blues that grab the eye and hold interest.

Homestead 2 Changing Seasons Homestead 1

“Color. It is truly is how I see many things, not so much in shapes or lines but in patches,” says Joergensen. “This may come as a surprise to many, as I am known for a somewhat neutral palette in my work.”

As someone who spends much of her time outside, landscapes were a natural choice. This spring and summer Joergensen spent many hours alongside the Kennebunk River observing the constant change of colors. 

Quiet by the River Kennebunk River Sketch 2

“I watched how deep indigo turns into a rich turquoise or the brightest of blue fades into a soft purple,” she says. “I have so many favorite spots right here in my immediate surroundings, whether it is the woods, rivers, marshes or by the ocean, it is here.”

Even though Joergensen does not strive to recreate the landscape in a photo correct way, she certainly captures it. 

“Instead of photorealism, I rather focus on the emotion the landscape brings out, the transparency or translucency of it,” she says. “I try to recreate my impressions in a simple, and hopefully to the viewer, peaceful and contemplative way.”   

For those of you who love Joergensen’s Barn Series, have no fear. In the show, there are several small works from her Barn Series. There are also a few more significant pieces in other galleries on Maine Art Hill. 

Belonging 1 Belonging 3 Belonging 4 Belonging 5

“I could not entirely let go of my passion for barns in this show,” shares Joergensen. “To me, they are more of a shelter or a homestead safely rooted or grounded. A sense of belonging to something deeper.”

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Artist Insights – Ingunn Joergensen

Come to Kennebunk and visit Maine Art Hill. Many of our galleries are open year round, and Joergensen’s work can always be found at our main gallery. Her 2018 Summer Show will run through September 20 at Shows on Maine Art Hill, 10 Chase Hill Rd. Kennebunk. Open every day 10-5.