Distant Dune – Charles Bluett, Artist Choice

This year Charles Bluett’s submissions for the 8th Annual Choice Art Show are focused on the great outdoors and the ethereal and barometric elements that go to make up this great gift we all live in and share.

“At a time when the planet we live in is under the spotlight, I respect its resilience and ability to transform in so many ways,” says Bluett. “I never cease to wonder at its supreme beauty and the differing delicate environments.”

Bluett’s Artist Choice is Distant Dune, a painting capturing light and shadow and quiet in a world that seems to be so filled with noise of all kinds. It is places like this that bring Bluett the peace he needs to recharge his soul on a regular basis.

Distant Dune was inspired by the time after, what the old-timers refer to as, a proper winter. The winter of 2019 was definitely a ‘proper winter’,” says Bluett. “I painted this piece looking forward and the ability to return to soulful dunes, fescue grass and long walks along the beaches and varied shorelines.”

Bluett has captured the distant view to a grass-lined dune with an endless sky above and soft sands below. It is a view that is both specific and general. It is seen often and just for that one fleeting moment.

“As with all my works, I try to capture the barometric powers that are such a huge part of any outdoor environment. Although the works are not of any specific place, I want the viewer to instantly connect to the sense of having been there before,” says Bluett. “ I strive for an immediate feeling of a place in the memory of my viewers and of the joy being there brought.”

Bluett is fascinated by distance and what lies ahead, and he captures the perspective of that view within each work.

“I am blessed have these views, feeling the place, taking in the smells, the movement of the breezes, the patterns of the clouds and the sounds of the sea, or rhythms of the water ahead,” explains Bluett. “For the viewer, the place may be different but the feeling is the same.”

Charles Bluett has three works at Shows on Maine Art Hill for the 8th Annual Choice Art Show.  The Choice Show can be seen every day from 10 am to 5 pm at the 10 Chase Hill Road address, as well as online at  THE 8TH ANNUAL CHOICE ART SHOW

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