Donald Rainville – An Artist Choice, Serving the Light

Serving the Light uses a bit of ancient Celtic symbolism, which I love. Evergreens were seen as a sign of eternity. This is why we decorate with them during the holidays or winter solstice. The scene is one of early morning in a vibrant spring, with the first light of the rising sun. All ancient cultures, including the Celts, saw the morning rising sun as a powerful symbol of life renewal. 

 The angelic figure is seen bowing reverently before the birch. Birch trees in Celtic symbolism, as well as many cultures, are an embodiment of the feminine. The birch tree has many life-giving properties, both practical and medicinal. All life comes through the feminine and thus the angel visiting our mortal realm is expressing its respect to the life-giving force the birch holds. 

Serving the Light is also symbolic of the theme. It directly expresses the idea of life force of spirit in the natural world, in this case, a forest. Most every ancient culture of our society sees the earth, and nature itself, as a feminine orientation of life force. Most of our world’s “eldest” cultures believe our physical world and a non-physical world exist in tandem or partnership with each other. Most often, our interactions are subliminal: a dream, a feeling or intuition, a moment of Deja Vu, or another unexplainable happening. These strikingly stay with us, sometimes for years. We don’t often talk about these things except with our closest friends. Still, for many people, they are distinct happenings that hint at something greater than ourselves.

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