Easier Said – Ellen Welch Granter

Granter_Easier Said_oil and gold leaf on canvas_36x36

As you peruse through Ellen Welch Granter’s work, it quickly becomes obvious how much she loves nature, especially the beautiful winged creature that calls Maine it’s home, the chickadee. Her use of a thick layer of color next to the bright gold creates a lovely contrast. The oak leaves appear to be in motion, giving the feeling of a summer breeze and the calm reassuring presence of Maine. For Ellen, this piece has all the elements she tries to bring into a painting. This is the main reason she chose it for this show. “I want it to find a good home where chickadees are welcome.”

As you walk into Maine Art Shows, you will find this piece, as well as two others. One chosen by you, the voters, and one chosen by Maine Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Susan Grisanti. Check out the final selections for the Choice Show after the opening on June 13th, as well as more of Ellen’s work at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture at www.maine-art.com.