End of the Season at Maine Art Shows


While our group gallery, Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture is open year-round, Maine Art Shows is closed – not for the night, but for the season. Labor Day has come and gone and the last of the BIRD show has been shipped off to happy customers leaving the first floor of 10 Chase Hill Road quiet and resting. It is early evening and the Maine Art Shows gallery is full of shadows created by just a few of the small warm bulbs still illuminating the now bare walls. Small brass hangers sit above the hearth, empty. The vases, normally bursting with the fresh flowers of summer, have been scrubbed and put away and the mantels are clean and bare.  The hardwood floor is warm and smooth, and if one listens carefully the bouncing echoes of the voices of summer memories can be heard.

First it is the high-pitched chatter of happy Festival goers visiting the Choice Art Show, seeing long-time summer friends for the first time of the season. Then, the friends and family of Philip Frey uttering words of encouragement as they come out in huge support of his one-man show. Soon, it is both tourists and locals wandering and whispering words of recognition as they find familiarity in Maine. As they see it. And finally, the people’s chatter fades to the sound of the birds that claimed this space as their own for the last four weeks during BIRD.

The end of a season is always bittersweet.  Hard work and long hours are offset by loyal customers, tourists and frequent visits from our artists. Every show is new and fun and full of beauty, but soon enough our summer staff begin to venture off to autumn adventures and our veterans begin work on projects for next summer with barely a blink.

However, before saying goodbye for the season, we must first say thank you.  It has been a successful, engaging and lovely summer thanks to all of you.  We appreciate your kind words and continued support of Maine Art Shows.  We have big plans for next summer, and we can’t wait to include you.

Choice 2015 Reception 2

Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture is open year-round at 14 Western Avenue in Kennebunk. Please come by for a visit anytime.  As always, you can visit online at maine-art.com.

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