Every Place I Go, There I Am – Ryan Kohler’s Fall Favorite on Maine Art Hill

Ryan Kohler | Every Place I Go, There I Am | Acrylic on Canvas | 48″ X 36″ | $1850
“To maintain some ambiguity, my titles usually have more to do with what is going on in my life during the painting’s creative process rather than the actual image itself,” explains artist Ryan Kohler. “For instance, song lyrics from music played in the studio, snippets of text from bedtime readings, even fortune cookies.”
In this case, Every Place I Go, There I Am was something Kohler jotted down from a television show he was watching during the time of this particular piece.
“Although the phrase was originally uttered in a completely different context during the show, I thought it was an interesting quote.  I knew right away what it meant to me and my paintings,” shares Kohler.  “It seems like no matter what subject matter I tackle, what medium I use, or where I am painting, and why, it is unmistakably mine.  And I love that.”
A year ago, Kohler had never painted a deer in his life.  Now, here he is, several deer paintings deep, and still loves them so much.
“I had previously hinted at the spots of a deer leaping right off its body, but I embraced that idea with this painting,” shares Kohler. “Energetic swoops of red and orange paint slide easily off her backside, and her white spots intuitively transform into fun paint splatters that dazzle the eye in a confetti-like fashion.  Bits of solid, traditional painting mixed with fun and tasteful abstraction is always what I’m striving for, and this one, to me, is right on the money.”
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