Finding the Hidden Spots – Artist Insights from Liz Hoag

When artist Liz Hoag searches for inspiration, she carries a camera and map. For her, it is all about discovering new and exciting places. It is the hidden gems that spark creativity for this Maine artist.

“Most of my walks in the Maine woods are with a particular artist friend,” explains Hoag. “We look for preserves, parks, or trails that we have yet to walk. Last fall, I found a great hidden spot in Edgecomb; I think it was called Salt Marsh Cove. I am hoping to find more places in and around this area. Salt Marsh Cove was absolutely private and absolutely beautiful. Four or five of my new pieces are from Edgecomb.”

Hoag is usually found in the woods, but she does still love the saltier side of Maine. We always find a piece or two celebrating the oceans and marshes and brackish waters.

“We recently walked through the Clark Island Preserve up in St. George. A couple of my pieces came out of that walk,” explains Hoag. “I still have quite a few paintings from right in Portland and Falmouth where I take my camera out any time I’m at the beach or somewhere I think I can get a good photo.”

Many visitors to Maine never venture too far from the ocean and the lobster. As a Portland resident, of course, Hoag loves that side too, but her heart is still at its best in the woods.

“As always, painting is a comfort to me. It’s something that gives me a sense of peace and accomplishment when other parts of my life are chaotic. It is nice to have something stable when I’m in the middle of big transitions in my life. So for me, art is comfortable.”

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