Getting By With a Little Help from His Friends – Artist Insights from Janis Sanders

For artist, Janis Sanders, each painting is an individual journey, much like a musical score, in which one leads the other in tandem to completion. Some directions are more familiar, others open the doors wide to new latitudes and longitudes. You find both in this show. But where does the inspiration the drive, the desire come from? The Masters? Other creatives?

“It would have been great to paint with Monet,” shares Sanders. “In a very loose sense, I do. Every time I look at his work, especially Water Lilies, I roam through his layers and brushwork. I imagine his hand moving and making marks and wondering if we in sync.”

Sanders did have the honor and pleasure of meeting Wolf Kahn a few times in Vermont. Talk about inspiration.

“His colors are so bold, bright, forceful, honest, and direct, similar to the snippets of the personality I was able to engage with,” remembers Sanders.


When asked who else Sanders would love to share a studio with, even if only for a day…

“Caravaggio, solely for that Force of Nature. I’d also love to paint with Tony Bennett. I have made overtures, but I am still waiting for the telephone to ring,” Sanders laughs. “So that leaves Mick Jagger.”

To see the end result of this driven and creative man visit Maine Art Hill anytime, but especially in the next few weeks for his summer show. From August 8 to September 3.  This show also features works from Ingunn Milla Joergensen and Jill Matthews.  


Virtual  2020 Summer Show

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