Happiness in Color on Canvas – A Summer Show at Maine Art Hill

The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul.- Robert Wyland

June 27 to July 16

Shows on Maine Art Hill is hosting a three-artist show, featuring the works of artists, Ellen Welch Granter, Trip Park, and Bethany Harper Williams. This show begins Saturday, June 27, and runs through July 16 at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk.

“The broad palette of color and layer upon layer of brush strokes make this show a breath of fresh air in itself,” says John Spain, owner of Maine Art Hill in Kennebunk. “All three artists have captured summer and Maine in paint. Three rooms, three artists. Each artist has a distinct and separate space at the gallery where they are featuring their new works, yet all three culminate into true coastal magic.”

Bethany Harper Williams, an oil painter who splits her time between Toronto, Ontario, and Biddeford Pool, continues to capture the beaches and boats in pink and blue, sunshine and happiness. 

“I continue to abstract the details. I take the viewer away from the specifics of who and where and allow the image to evoke a personal memory. Therefore the painting resonates with each individual viewer,” says Williams. “The large spaces of water and sky are filled with patches of color accented with different textures, patterns, and whimsical marks.”

The waters of New England have also inspired artist Ellen Welch Granter. Both buoys and birds are featured as the centerpieces of Granter’s work this year. 

“I am excited to show this new body of work, which has two distinct strands. The first strand is a series of egrets in the marsh, and the second is a series of mooring buoys,” says Granter. “Living here on the coast, these strands are both parts of the everyday view, so maybe they are not so much distinct, more like a kind of visual social distancing.”

Trip Park, an artist who fell in love with Maine long before he fell in love with paint and canvas, brings joy and color into the gallery at 10 Chase Hill Road, as well. From lobsters to sand dunes, Park captures memories of Maine for both visitors and locals.  

“I love finding that combination of things I’ve done and new things I have not tried. However, I don’t attempt any painting I don’t want to create. I have to love each one, even just the thought of it, going in,” says Park. “I try to change things up with every painting, you could call it free-flowing. Paintings I do that make me happy are the ones that jump out and feel different than what I’ve done before.”

If the coast is your happy place, and you want to experience art that genuinely celebrates this area, this is a show to visit. CDC Guidelines followed. Mask required. Appointments available if needed. 


(available June 24)

Shows on Maine Art Hill welcomes visitors to view this show from June 27 to July 16. Maine Art Hill in Kennebunk is open every day at 10 AM. FMI 207-967-0049 or www.maine-art.com.

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