Happy New Year with Henry Isaacs

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Reflection is inevitable and often fun.  Yet in this day of social media and digital storytelling, remembering becomes visual as much as mental. Our past is captured in our minds and memories, but also on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.  For those of us that have a bit of trouble remembering what we had for breakfast, this is wonderful perk when reflecting on all moments of 2015. Thank you to all.

However, as interesting as it is to look back at what the past year was, we are much more excited to look ahead to what 2016 has in store. New artists, new shows and a new season. As we check in with all of our Maine Art family, we realize we are not the only ones looking forward to a new and exciting year. Henry Isaacs, one of our artists, is embracing the new year as well.

“This winter, I will celebrate a new studio in Portland,” shared Isaacs in a recent talk about his work. “This will bring new images from walks around the peninsula, South Portland, Falmouth, Cape Elizabeth and beyond.”  A change in scenery can always breathe new life into an artist. Henry has a wonderful and interesting perspective about his new place. “I’ve lived in remote areas for so long that the ‘big city’ sits out there fun and fascinating.”

His winter’s work will include glimpses of landscape vistas and rural scenery, but will also incorporate figures within the glimpses of beaches and parks. “I remain a fan of the great Hudson River School painters,” he says, “yet they painted a world devoid of humans; a garden of eden that didn’t exist then or today.” Henry is ready to incorporate the people that love and live here into the places he so beautifully captures.

Henry was kind enough to share a few paintings from a project in California, but as for the new works from Maine, he tells us to ‘stay tuned.’ New and exciting is always full of emotion. For us, the anticipation of Henry’s new work is one of the many things we are looking forward to in the new year. So, in the wise, wise words of Henry Isaacs, “We will see.”


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