Healing with Paint – Artist Insights from Claire Bigbee

For artist Claire Bigbee, this show feels different. Preparing for this was difficult because of the last six months of chaos from a difficult divorce, which cost her working time. But the compression of time and impact of emotions poured into the paintings, giving them a distinct energy that feels raw and explosive.

“The Salmon Fall River series are scribblings using mixed mediums and oil sticks. I released a lot of impact from the last six months. I was pretty exhausted but happy with the results,” shares Bigbee. “The reflections in the water of the sky and trees, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on my thirty years of marriage and allowing the anger and betrayal to come back and the hurt and disappointments.”

This part of the river flows into a wider area where it slows down and is more peaceful from the rushing falls before it is near her studio. Visiting it to paint this series taught her some lessons to appreciate where she is and how far she has come.

Bigbee also found healing at a little spot on the water, Square Pond in Shapleigh, Maine.

“I am in a better place,” says Bigbee,  “My painting became part of my healing.”

This show is a must-see for locals and out-of-town visitors from September 2 to 27. Every day from 10 AM to 6 PM at the Gallery at the Grand at 1 Chase Hill Rd in Kennebunk. If you can’t visit the gallery,  see the show virtually at www.maine-art.com/shows. FMI 207-967-2803.


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