If You Just Can’t Wait….Joergensen and Bigbee

For those of you that just can’t wait until the end of July for Claire Bigbee and Ingunn Milla Joergensen’s summer show, you don’t have to!

Claire Bigbee and Ingunn Milla Joergensen are working tirelessly on content for their show this summer. They are also taking time out to travel and visit and paint together. Yes, not only are they fellow artists, they are great friends.

However, if you can’t wait for summer and would like pieces from either or both of these talented women, we have a wonderful collection of their work presently at The Gallery at 14 Western Ave in Kennebunk.

We feature these two and many more wonderful local artists all year long and are open Thursday to Monday 10-5.

If you have not been to Maine Art Hill this month, be sure to stop by in person or check us out online.

Now a bit about each of these artists…


The beauty of the Maine landscape, the constantly changing elements, and the ocean are a never-ending source of inspiration for all of Joergensen’s art and design work. “It is the little things that catch my attention, a piece, a fragment, a texture, a thought, a word. Sometimes taking it all in is so much, it is almost overwhelming,” Igunn shares. “One little shell tells the story of the ocean. A piece of wood tells the story of lived life. Beauty is found in the most unexpected places.”

Joergensen has met and worked with many inspiring and talented people. Her road trips, often taken with Bigbee, around the state searching for beauty have led her to the most interesting places.

Joergensen is grateful to live and paint in Maine, yet her gratitude does not end there. She has deep gratitude, profound thankfulness, and great humility, not only when it comes to her ability to paint, but also that paintings have found their “forever homes.” All across the United States, from San Diego to Seattle from Florida to Maine, Ingunn Joergensen’s work can be found. She may be lucky to have this life, but her talent and hard work have brought her to the place she is now.



The marshes in Maine helped ease a lot of her anxieties as a teenager. “I could feel this peace.” As an adult, she still finds her place in all Maine has to offer. “The winters are stripped down, and everything slows down. I like that solitude. The light is incredible. The blue shadows in the winter and the skies. The beach. The water. The coastline. The pastoral inland views,” Bigbee raves. “The whole state is just a huge canvas waiting to be painted.”

There is a sense of energy when in the presence of Bigbee’s work. While the composition and light may attract her to a scene, the unrestricted use of color and expression drives her.

“My process is a response to the atmosphere, the view, and the painting. I am not so concerned about the rendering of the piece,” she shares. “When I’m painting, music keeps my unconscious and conscious connected. I mix my paints and apply them to my canvas, but I’m not necessarily using a formula. I don’t create my palate the same way every time. Sometimes I just apply the paint directly to the canvas.”

We look forward to seeing you on Maine Art Hill this summer.

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Details for Claire Bigbee and Ingunn’s show this summer follow this link.