INSPIRE – A Fundraiser for Real Men Wear Pink of Maine 2022

When October comes to Maine, confetti-like leaves and frosted pumpkins find their way into everyone’s hearts and minds. The colors red, orange, and yellow often take center stage, but not for John Spain and Maine Art Hill. For Spain and many of his staff and artists, it’s all about The Pink. 

“October, for us, is about breast cancer awareness and the Real Men Wear Pink Campaign sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Yes, I have donned a bright pink unitard completed with a cape and mask to become Real Man and raise money for this worthy cause. Yes, I have stood on red rock cliffs, crossed Lake Powell on a ferry boat, and spray painted the message in a mural in Texas,” laughs Spain. “However, my favorite part of my efforts is the annual art show featuring many of our artists who also support this incredible foundation.”

This year the show is called INSPIRE.

“It’s not about me inspiring others to donate or Real Men of Maine inspiring people to get involved and educated. It’s about them. It’s about the fighters, the ones who have conceded the fight, and the ones who still fight every damn day. These men and women are the inspiration. This show and this campaign is a thank you for being the amazing people they are and inspiring the rest of us to be better, to do better,” explains Spain. “We all need to inspire each other. Collectively it’s what makes us great.”

INSPIRE is just that, a collective way to make a difference. As always, the fabulous and talented artists who contribute to this show make it such a success. Twenty percent of all sales go back to Real Men of Maine. This campaign has come together to help fight this fight and often provides a bit of a rest when needed most.

“We need to do this in any way we can,” says Spain. “This is my way.”

Be it a purchase of a painting or sculpture, a five-dollar or a hundred-dollar donation, be it a wig, a ride to chemo, or a place to sleep near the hospital. Everything counts. Everything makes a difference. Inspire is a verb. Loosely, inspire means to fill someone with the confidence and desire to do. Let’s do.

INSPIRE – a multi-artist show with proceeds benefiting Real Men Wear Pink of Maine in conjunction with the American Cancer Society. The show will run the entire October at Pop-Up on Maine Art Hill at 5 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk, Maine. Doors open every day at 10 AM.