It Figures – Jill Matthews on Figurative Works

Artist Jill Matthews is trying something new, and the response has been incredible. 

Figurative work is a dimension of art that often draws a strong reaction from its viewers. Either they love it, or they don’t.  Matthews has moved into a form of figurative work that doesn’t remove the people from their surroundings. She keeps her work natural and candid, and it allows a connection art lovers long for.

“My children are always with me, and they are big into the ocean and surfing. We are often at the beach, usually with the dogs,” shares Matthews. “I spend a lot of time exposed to these scenes and being in these elements. In a way, it is a record of my life.”

Matthews claims she “dabbles a bit in figurative work.” The result of these dabbling not only brings surfers and beachgoers to life but also a more serious kind of swimmer.

“My boys joined the swim team this year. Therefore I spent a lot of time poolside.  I want to keep digging into this theme and examine it more,” says Matthews. “ There is so much fascinating stuff at swim meets. I quickly became interested in capturing these moments.”

The intensity of competitive swimming or competitive anything is different. It is more extreme, more powerful.  When you add youth into the equation, the energy is palpable.

“A child who is about to race and is anxiously standing, waiting, has a certain body language displaying their emotion,” explains Matthews. “It is contagious.” 

Jill Matthews Solo Show is presently at The Gallery at Maine Art Hill on 14 Western Avenue.  She has taken over the entire first floor, and it spectacular. This show runs until June 25. Remember we do represent Jill year round and always have an extensive collection of her work in our galleries.

All nine of Maine Art Hill’s galleries are open every day at 10 am. We have plenty of parking. Come and visit soon.