It’s all Perspective – Insights from Artist Liz Hoag

Having a show is a big responsibility for an artist.  There is so much to think about, and the pressure is quite intense. We love it when we hear from our artist about the process of the work they produced for a show and most of all that it was fun.

Artist Liz Hoag says, “I’m excited about the small paintings. I actually went a little wild with them.”

When she says her “small paintings” she is referring to two series she painted for her 2018 Summer Show here at Shows on Maine Art Hill, Limbs and Treeline.

The works in the Treeline series feature beautiful blue skies set in stunning contrast to a cluster of trees with which Hoag spent quite a bit of time.

 Treeline IV Treeline VI Treeline XIII

“This is the same group of trees. I painted them over and over each time from a different perspective,” shares Hoag. “As I moved and changed view I always kept my color palette and structure in mind.”

The story is different for the Limbs series. Upon first sight, these works seem more abstract, but when viewed from a distance, the viewer begins to see the subject in much the same way as Hoag does. 

Limbs IV Limbs II

Limbs I Limbs III

“This is one tree, the same tree from Seaside Survivor, a larger piece I have at Maine Art Hill,” says Hoag. “I painted this tree in ten sections, same perspective. I had a great deal of fun with this.”

Seaside Survivor

Hoag’s love of trees and inland Maine is evident in the collection of work. It is a lovely representation of the other side of Maine.

“Much of my show is a continuation of my trees, composition, and light. The views of inland waters and streams rather than the ocean, and of course, the woods.”

Hoag lives and works in Portland, but she celebrates the entire state. Her work is a beautiful representation of all of Maine’s beauty.

“Paths, trees, branches, color, light, air, open space, water,” says Hoag, “we have it all here in Maine.”

To see her 2018 Summer Show in its entirety click here.

Until August 30, Hoag’s work can be found at 10 Chase Hill Rd at the Show gallery. However, she is represented year round and can always be seen at The Gallery at 14 Western Ave.  Visit us in person and online to see our entire collection of her work click here Liz Hoag – Artist Page

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