It’s Where You Look and How You See – Artist Insights from Bethany Harper Williams

There are five words artist Bethany Harper Williams uses when describing her 2021 show with us. Perspective. Color. Patterns. Exploring. Mood. 

Each of these words is not singular but more all-encompassing. She kept these five ideas close to her mind, her heart, and her brush during the creation of this spectacular collection.

“There are few things I tried to focus on as I worked on this show. I became much more aware of ‘from where’ and ‘how’ I looked at things. I found myself studying the same things from a different angle,” shares Bethany.  “ A great deal of the time, I tried to look beyond or past or through. Whether it was ordinary objects, house, people, or even shapes.”

When going beyond what is expected, she keeps the viewer intrigued, finding more, and questioning. With Williams and this show, it was more about seeing more and looking closer.

“I played with patterns for this show.  Polka dots, lines, circles… It is meant to be playful and whimsical, not focussed on representing reality, but creating a joyful mood,” explains Williams. “This keeps the viewer involved, looking, questioning.”

“There seems to be a theme of windows to another view – some literally showing the window frame. I never like giving the whole story,” shares Williams, “I always like the viewer to be involved in completing his or her own story.”


Some paintings in this show are moodier and less busy. She was more focused on the quiet moment. In this case, the looking and the seeing turned in.

“I did a lot of yoga this past year, and there are many pieces about being in the moment,” shares Williams. “I wanted to capture moments of reflection, peace, calm, and beauty.”


Starting on Saturday, July 24, at 10 AM, the gallery at 10 Chase Hill welcomes the public to view and purchase these stunning celebrations of color and summer.  Both Bethany Harper Williams and David Witbeck will be at Shows on Saturday evening from 5 – 7 PM. They each are excited to share their process, inspiration, and new works. The Artist Reception is a free event.

Again, the show is running until Thursday, August 12th. This gallery is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm.  Plan to stop into our other three locations. The Gallery at 14 Western Ave, The Grand Hotel Gallery at 1 Chase Hill, and Studios at 5 Chase Hill. All are open during the Artist Reception and every day this summer. Open daily at 10 am. Check the website for summer hours. FMI

To see the show in its entirety, including the 360-degree virtual tour, click here.

Preview opens Wednesday, July 21. Virtual Tour available on the evening of Friday, July 23.

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