Janis H. Sanders on Headlight and Shadows – An Artist’s Choice

Sanders_Headlight and Shadows

Monhegan Light is an inspiration as a symbol, as well as a physical structure from many views and perspectives.  As visitors, we often come by day to view the lighthouse and the stunning coast surrounding it.  Rarely does the iconic place have guests in the evening. Except maybe for one of our artists, Janis H. Sanders.  Head Light and Shadows is the result of one of these visits.

“The very bright, nearly blinding, light casting across the facade of the buildings and boat contrasted with unequivocal shadows immediately caught my attention and imagination. I then had to translate the scene into paint,” says Sanders. “The vision is to portray a particular, singular moment of light on a surface.”

This is an experience for Sanders that is never to be repeated. The continually changing atmospheric conditions, light, humidity, cloud cover and myriads of other factors will not allow it.  “Of course, my own perception, mood and interpretive state of mind comes into play,” he says, “as well as, my color palette selections.”

“With any endeavor, my aim is emotional; I want, and the mechanics determine, the shifting process to an outcome,” says Sanders. It is not always necessarily to a conclusion. The completion and achievement of a target finishes one phase, and simultaneously sets the groundwork and stage for the next. “To relish the surprises that happen along the way, in both color and compositional interactions, is a pure delight. If I let it be, if I let the painting paint itself, I become merely a guide, the conduit.”

In the beginning of his excursion into paint years ago, Sanders tried to steer the paint throughout the experience. “I had in mind a destination at the outset,” he says. Yet, the more he painted the more he realized the objective in paint is only a vague ephemeral outline. Sanders finds connection with Edward Hopper, a prominent American realist painter. “It is more about the interaction,” says Sanders. “If I allow myself to go for the ride, I always find satisfaction in the journey itself.”

Head Light and Shadow is the Artist’s Choice piece for Janis H. Sanders in the Choice Art Show, and will be on display at Maine Art Shows at 10 Chase Hill in Kennebunk until June 30th. Please stop in any day from 11am – 5pm.  The Choice Art Show is also available to view online by clicking here; Choice Art Show.


If you are interested in reading more about Janis Sanders and his work at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture on our blog, click here. You can also visit his Artist Page at www.maine-art.com to view our entire collection of Sanders work.

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