Jeffrey Fitzgerald – A Close Look at the Sea

Marginal Way Woodbury Lessons

For over five years now we here at Maine Art Hill have represented artist Jeffrey Fitzgerald.  A local boy who lives in York, his abstract pieces represent the life and time spent near the water’s edge. 

When the river meets the ocean, there is a tumultuous ebb and flow of life.  Fitzgerald celebrates that turmoil and turns it into a dance of paint and color. “My paintings are extensions of my passion, my true enthusiasm to investigate the world. I am drawn to the connections and spaces between,” shares Fitzgerald. “The tiny crevices and long deep horizons, the shots of green and expanses of grey come together and fuse canvas and brushstroke.”

Granite Conflate 1 Seaweed Heart Granite Conflate 2

There is so much unseen and implied when it comes to the sea and the land surrounding it. Each person, local and visitor alike, absorb its meaning and take away something different, something personal. “Paint and the layering of paint invigorates me.  From hues and shades to scratches and blobs, I am color it is zenith and zeal,” claims Fitzgerald. “The finish is truly the twain of subject and process. Paintings are needed.”

The energy that exudes from Fitzgerald upon meeting him helps to explain his work. The same energy is found there. “Since childhood, everyone has always offered for me to sit down and relax,” laughs Fitzgerald. “For years it sometimes bothered, but, it is what it is. I just luxuriate in being up and orchestrating my research on canvas and paper.”

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To see the newest collection of Jeffrey Fitzgerald’s work on Maine Art Hill, visit Shows at 10 Chase Hill Road or click here. The gallery is open every day from 10-5. We represent him year round, and his work can always be found at The Gallery at 14 Western Avenue in Kennebunk. 

His most recent work is shown with artists Susan Wahlrab and Rebecca Kinkead and can be seen until August 9 at Shows on Maine Art Hill. Please visit or see their collective work online by following the link below.  


Fitzgerald. Wahlrab. Kinkead.