Jill Matthews – The Choice Show 2021

I’m excited to share this new body of work I created in 2020 and into 2021. It was a very different year than I have ever seen. I faced challenges I had never experienced before.

With that said, I found myself enjoying coming to the studio this season. For me, it’s a very safe and familiar space, but also a space where I have the freedom to express myself in many ways. My studio gave me a bit of that back.


As far as the work goes…

Looking at this collection as a body of work in front of me today, I feel subconsciously much of that desire for calm and solitude and familiar surroundings came through. I chose to go back to many of the themes and styles I have worked with in the past. Not recreating but reexamining. There was a comfort in that.

I also found myself going to places locally that gives me peace and comfort and found myself painting them in a calming way. This comes through in my work and is certainly how I was feeling in those moments.

I’m thrilled about this show and looking forward to times that are more of what we remember life to be.


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