Jill Valliere on Wanderlust – An Artist’s Choice

For some artists, their inspiration comes from within. For some, it comes from their surroundings. For many, it is a blend of both. For Jill Valliere, one of our artists from Rockland, Maine, it is found everywhere, and occasionally, quite by accident. Such is the case regarding the story behind Wanderlust.


“I had decided to take a drive on a slightly foggy day last fall. I was in search of inspiration,” says Valliere. “I drove around to my favorite haunts for a few hours, but I didn’t find anything that made my ‘painting fingers’ twitch.” After giving up for the day, she headed toward home and began to daydream. Of course this led to a wrong turn – not an uncommon event for Valliere. “When I came back around I found myself in Lincolnville. In front of me was the scene that later became Wanderlust.”

Jill is lucky enough to have her studio in her home. She enjoys her time there tremendously, normally accompanied by her dog.  “I immediately started the painting the next day,” says Valliere. “Not all of my paintings end up how I originally imagine them. This one did.”  She wanted to capture the way autumn colors look behind the cover of a thin fog.  It was the perfect morning and the perfect frame of mind for it.  A thin filmy veil of fog covers the bright colors of fall. It increases the sense of peace without hiding the beautiful tones Mother Nature provided. “While I enjoy all the seasons, autumn is my favorite time of year. That love is captured in this work.”

This piece, along with two others from Valliere, are part of the Choice Art Show going on now through June 30 at Maine Art Shows. The gallery is located at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk and is open from 11am – 5pm daily. You can view the show in person or online by clicking here.  Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture’s complete collection of work from Valliere can be found at the group gallery at 14 Western Ave. in Kennebunk and on her Artist’s Page.


Click this link to read more about Jill Valliere and her work at Maine Art. Valliere and Maine Art.

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