Keeping It Local

All of our staff were up bright and early on Thursday morning.  This week, part of their staff meeting was a trolley ride around and through Kennebunkport.  Ed from Intown Trolley was our tour guide, and he was one in a million.  Not only did our new staff members gain an understanding of where everything is and what Kennebunkport has to offer; our veteran staff had a few wonderful reminders of just how fabulous this town is.  In turn, of course, Ed received a crash course on Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture, as well as Maine Art Shows. We may have to hire him now that he is trained.

All kidding aside, the trip was a way to educate the entire staff on all that is available in the surrounding area.  Now not only can they sell the amazing work at the gallery, they can help make a customer’s stay a little easier and sell Kennebunkport, as well.

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