Kevin Keiser – New to The Works at Maine Art Hill in Kennebunk

Kevin Keiser is a new artist for us here at Maine Art Hill. We are excited to be representing him and show off his ceramics year-round at The Works.

Keiser is experienced in many mediums all which seem to build and intertwine while supporting his natural skill and talent.

“My transition to ceramics from photography and graphic arts has allowed me to bring my skills of composition and design into the 3-dimensional medium of clay,” shares Keiser. “I’m fascinated by the way glazes interact with surface texture and other glazes. Each new piece pulled from the kiln is built upon an earlier idea and a piece I’ve completed.”

When Keiser walks the beaches of Maine, his eyes are drawn to organic and manmade materials that have been transformed by the sea. 

“The friction of waves wears down form and finish to reveal the hidden structure and burnished surfaces,” he explains. “My studio is crammed with bits and pieces of ceramic trials, failures and wins serving as jumping off points for new artistic expression.”

Many artists are often asked to pick favorites, to chose a piece or pieces of work that has a particular connection to their hearts. For Keiser, he always refers to a quote from photographer Imogen Cunningham, “Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”

For this artist, it is the trial and error of forms and glazes that are part of the fun, and part of the heartbreak, of seeking new results.

“I’m not looking for the perfect piece, I’m savoring the path of discovery with all its challenges,” says Keiser. “The ethos of my ceramics is communicated through the work, and I hope my work inspires people to explore their creative energies.”

Click here to visit Kevin Keiser’s Artist Page and see his complete collection of work.

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