Lemon Zen – R. Scott Baltz’s Fall Favorite on Maine Art Hill

R. Scott Baltz | Lemon Zen | Oil on Cradled Panel | 20″ X 20″ | $2200
“My selection for the Fall Favorite is Lemon Zen,” shares artist R. Scott Baltz. “Often, I develop a fondness for a particular painting not so much on the final image but more so on the process, which paved the way to the final image.”
In this case, Lemon Zen marked a transition in the way Baltz handled paint. He challenges himself, searching for new ways to say what he feels is needed through the medium.
“This could apply to mark-making, thin or thick layers of paint, or implementing tools other than brushes to apply paint,” explains Baltz.  “In the case of Lemon Zen, I started using plastic paint scrapers to apply the paint, putting paint on and then scraping off.  I am also fond of the palette on this piece.”
Baltz seldom uses cool yellows, but in this case,  it worked.
“In the end, this piece is one where I am fond of the result overall.  It just makes me feel calm.”
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