LETS VOTE! 8th Annual Choice Show Voting

For the last few years, Maine Art Hill has opened their summer season with the Choice Art Show.  This year is no different. The 8th Annual Choice Art Show will officially open on  Saturday, June 8 at Shows on Maine Art Hill.  It, along with the Maine Art Hill Block Party, will help to culminate The Kennebunkport Festival.  However, we all know the Choice Art Show really begins on May 1st.

For those of you new to Choice, and a recap for the veterans, we begin with seventy-eight original works from thirteen artists; six pieces each.  It is then narrowed down to three pieces from each artist. These three are carefully “chosen” to be in the show. This is where it gets fun.  One piece, The Artist’s Choice, the artist chooses. One, The Designer’s Choice, is chosen by the designer, and local celeb, Louis Hurlbutt of Hurlbutt Design. chooses.  And then there is the third and final choice, The People’s Choice.

The People’s Choice is all up to you. By casting your vote for your favorite piece from each artist, you decide the last thirteen paintings that will be featured in this kickoff show.  Each and every artist represented in the show is one of the very best in the area. You can trust that no matter which piece you choose, many others will be in complete agreement.


Upon clicking, you will be directed to the 7th Annual Choice Art Show page. Here you begin voting.  Each screen shows the six paintings each artist has submitted.  All you have to do is tell us which one you love most by clicking it and then clicking  VOTE.  Once you decide, the site will show you what other voters liked and then move you forward to the next artist.

Watch for our Facebook, Instagram, website, and email updates on Sunday, June 1 for the announcement of the People’s Choice winners.

For those of you that just can’t wait to see this beautiful work in person, know that we will be opening a SNEAK PEEK of the show during the Maine Art Hill Block Party on Friday, June 7.  No sales will be possible on this day, but you can get a first look. Then on Saturday, June 8, at 10 o’clock sharp the 8th Annual Choice Art Show officially opens at Shows on Maine Art Hill at 10 Chase Hill Rd in Kennebunk.

As of this moment, no one knows exactly what the show will look like. Will your favorite make it to the walls of the gallery?  Come in and find out. The show is open until Thursday, June 27.  Remember – if you can’t find the piece you fell in love with, visit the Artist’s Page on our website or The Gallery at 14 Western Ave. All the works are far too beautiful not to showcase somewhere at Maine Art Hill, so they will be on display at one of our locations once the show opens.

The Maine Art Hill Block Party is a  Kennebunkport Festival event and is a ticketed event.  We welcome you to join us from 5-7 p.m. for an amazing street party full of art, music, food and the opportunity to meet the artists who created the work you voted on.

We look forward to seeing you soon and happy voting!

To see more work from each artist click their name below.

Claire Bigbee

Charles Bluett

Alex Dunwoodie

Jeffrey T. Fitzgerald

Ellen Welch Granter

Rick Hamilton

Liz Hoag

William B. Hoyt

John LeCours

Elizabeth Ostrander

Kathy Ostrander Roberts

Janis Sanders

Bethany Harper Williams

All of our artists share insights about themselves and their work. To read more about any of the CHoice Show artists you can click their name below to be forwarded to our blog and their stories.

The Artists: Claire Bigbee, Charles Bluett, Alex Dunwoodie, Jeffrey T. FitzgeraldEllen Welch Granter, Rick Hamilton, Liz Hoag, William B. Hoyt, John Lecours, Kathy Ostrander Roberts, Janis H. Sanders, Bethany Harper Williams, Elizabeth Ostrander

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