Listen – Ellen Welch Granter


Ellen Welch Granter | Listen | Oil on Canvas | 40″ X 40”  $4200

Goose Rocks Beach is a lovely little beach just off the beaten path in Kennebunkport.  With over three miles of beautiful sand, it is a perfect spot to spend the day.  However, when visitors take just a few minutes to look behind them, they notice the Batson River Marsh. It is here Ellen Welch Granter has found her perfect image of Maine.

“I remember the thick green grass seeming perfectly even for a huge distance. It is peaceful scene, but I chose to named the painting Listen,” says Granter. “If you truly listen, it isn’t really quiet. You can hear willets, piping plovers, terns, gulls, and a myriad of insects all around.” So often, the majestic crash of waves and never-ending span of sea hold our attention, and the casual beauty of the small marshes and winding rivers that feed the oceans are overlooked. “Listen” is all about not overlooking this place and this moment.

Locally, the marsh is known for more than just its beauty. “We used to dig clams there, getting eaten alive by greenies, of course, but it was worth it,” says Granter. The rules and regulations for clam digging are getting stricter here in Maine, but carrying a clam fork and a bucket along the coast at low tide, is a memory many of us can claim. The horse flies, or ‘greenies’ as Ellen calls them, are still included, no license necessary.

Ellen’s piece, Listen, will be on display until August 6th at Maine Art Shows in Kennebunk. The Maine. As they see it. show has been a wonderful success, and we welcome you to visit any day from 11-5.

Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture, down at 14 Western Avenue in Kennebunk, is lacking in the painful little green horse flies, but to make up for it, we do have a wonderful collection of Ellen Welch Granter’s work. We encourage you to come visit here as well, or to see the collection online on her Artist Page.


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