Liz Hoag – Three Views of Maine

Ten Artists. Three Pieces Each. Thirty Reasons to Celebrate.

Ten of our well-loved artists delivered three pieces of never before shown work adding up to 30 paintings celebrating thirty years in the business.

Here is what artist Liz Hoag had to say about her part in this amazing show.


“This painting is of a city path near my home in Portland.  I took the initial photo because I loved the late afternoon yellow high on the trees in the distance.  It was one of those days when I knew spring was coming because I could feel the sun’s warmth and smell the woods. I walk in these woods all the time.  There are hundreds of acres of woods behind the cemetery down the street from me. It’s a view of the woods that makes me feel small but comforted by them at the same time. Not far from this scene is my neighborhood. It’s an accessible path into quiet.  In terms of the structure of the painting, I loved the dark verticals in front that give you the feeling of the distant sunlit trees.”


“This piece is more of a study of undergrowth. But, again, it’s the late afternoon sun of late winter/early spring, which I love. The darks and the golds against each other are a great vehicle for showing depth in the seeming tangle of branches, and the dark greens offer a soft and subtle background to the brighter happenings in front. I enjoy the complex movement of the branches and how typical it is of what I see off to the side of any path I walk in Maine. There’s so much going on right off the path.”

Dappled Birches

“This painting focused more on the cool and clean look of birch trees.  There’s a gradation in the greys and greens from the cool dark to the warm light, while at the same time, the painting maintains an overall cool and clean feeling.  One of the reasons people love birch trees so much is the sharpness the whitebark gives the trees in the right light. It’s a different feeling from some of my paintings of wooded paths because I don’t have all the brown and gold variations usually found in the woods. It’s more of a study in blues and greens. The upfront warm sunlight almost made it look like there was a spotlight on the trees on this particular afternoon in Maine. The light was incredibly dramatic, and I wanted to catch it.”


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