Long Row – David Witbeck’s Fall Favorite on Maine Art Hill


David Witbeck | A Long Row | Oil on Panel | 36″ X 36″ | $8200

“My best paintings are the ones where the nominal subject matter is secondary to the design and composition,” explains artist David Witbeck. “Long Row is an example.”

Long Row started with the idea of a big interesting “water” shape defined by silhouettes of surrounding shapes.

“Essentially, it is just two shapes, one dark, one light. Once the basic structure is established, then I can sub-divide the big shapes and have fun creating a little narrative and emotional quality with the pictorial details,” shares Witbeck.

This piece is a lot sparer than much of Witbeck’s other recent works.

“I like it. I should keep a print in my studio to remind myself that a successful painting can be quite simple,” reminds Witbeck. “Sometimes, less really is more.”

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