Lucie Boucher and Bernie Huebner – Artists at The Works

Bernie Huebner and Lucie Boucher are not only partners in business but partners in life.  We want to welcome them to The Works on Maine Art Hill and share a bit of their story with you.
From Bernie…
“I don’t recall just which year it was, though it must have been around 2006. We decided to turn professional and try to make a living as glass artists.  I do know it was winter because Lucie and I had to bundle up to drive to Solon. We were out to visit our friends Roy Slamm and Lihua Lei, a good cabinetmaker and a performance artist, who are friends of ours.  Lucie had been experimenting with glass, trying to see what she could do with light passing through edge-on.
I had used a skill saw to cut several grooves in an old two-by-four to help the pieces of glass stand up. I remember coming into Roy and Lihua’s kitchen clumsily carrying six feet of two-by-four and these fragments of glass. I stomped the snow off my boots and set the wood down on their washing machine.  By luck, Roy had clamped a large utility light onto the refrigerator next to the washing machine so that its light faced backward, reflecting off the wall behind.
All four of us, each a visual artist of one kind or another, saw “it” at the same moment. The potential of glass to be lit from behind by reflection while sitting upright in a wood base. Abstracts, representationals, portraits, manipulables, different colors overlapping and creating secondary and tertiary colors, shapes and negative spaces combining to make new shapes and spaces.
As they say, you could have heard a pin drop.  The rest, and dozens of designs later, is–as they also say–history.”
These two amazing artists share their creations at The Works, a new Maine Art Hill gallery at Studios on Maine Art Hill in Kennebunk. We are thrilled to have them with us and look forward to representing them year-round at this unique and exciting new space.
Find us at 5 Chase Hill Road, Kennebunk Maine. The Works on Maine Art Hill is open every day at 10. Check our website for seasonal closing hours.