Margaret Gerding Outside in Maine

For artist Margaret Gerding, the work for her solo spring show was like creating a portrait of a region. When an artist can live, work and explore this beautiful Maine landscape, it is an inspiration and challenges no matter the season.

“Some winter days, I stood in my Carhartt’s, painting the marsh, hoping to get something down on the canvas before the paint froze. Then there were sunrise walks on the summer beach,” says Gerding. “Every season, every day, holds a surprise.”

“This year, I have spent more time plein air painting,” explains Gerding. “There have been days I have produced multiple paintings and days where I have returned to my studio only to wipe the canvas down. However, every day outside is considered a success.”

Gerding’s work celebrates the classic summer scenes we all love from the area and truly captures Maine’s beauty all year long, especially during the quiet seasons so many miss.

“Each time I observe and brave the elements, I learn to see something new,” she smiles. “These fleeting moments are what I try to convey through my work.”

Gerding has many unique spots that are hidden away. These spots are where she secrets away from painting. The quiet and peace of Maine seem to seep into her canvas along with her oils. Color Play is an example of a fleeting moment captured.

“One plein air day wasn’t going well until I was about to leave. It was then that I saw this wonderful group of budded trees. Pushing the colors and marks, the painting took on a life, allowing me to play. This is the day Color Play was born.”

Every painting in this show captures a small moment in Maine.

The show opened Saturday, May 21, and continues through June 9. The Gallery at Maine Art Hill is located at 14 Western Ave and is open every day from 10 AM to 6 PM. The show can be viewed online at FMI call 207-967-2803.

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