Marsh Glow and Others – Janis Sanders, Artist Choice.

“Each one of the paintings is my favorite of this bunch. Each for its own different reasons,” says Janis Sanders one of the thirteen featured artists in the 8th Annual Choice Art Show at Maine Art Hill. “I aimed for a broad spectrum of method, and the result was this new body of work.”

Sail by Janis Sanders

In one direction, the loose abstraction of  Sail allowed and demanded flowing expression in reality, and as a symbol of a bright care-free summer day at the beach. Yet, Bay Fish Shacks challenged Sanders’s perceptual and paint application aptitudes with ever so subtle late daylight, and the subsequent feather touches nuanced painting of this scene.

Bay Shoreline by Janis SandersBay Fish Shacks by Janis SandersBay Lupines by Janis Sanders

Bay Shoreline is a close cousin of Bay Fish Shacks, but with a gentle restrained yet energetic application of paint to indicate a bright light summer day at the ocean,” shares Sanders. “Bay Lupines, as it developed in front of me, evolved to have something of a loosely guided life of its own. It happily and not quite intentionally spills beyond the edge of the painting itself, leading to a sense of vast space, though painted on a fairly small format.”

Then there is Marsh Glow, the Artist Choice piece for Sanders. He and his wife Vizma were roaming around the North Shore one Sunday afternoon last fall, following the road never traveled. After rounding a curve in the road, Marsh Glow’s inspiration was seen.

Marsh Glow by Janis Sanders

“This beautiful house and scene with warm enveloping light smiled at us from across the tidal river. The little nook at the ocean’s edge felt like I had just walked back in time,” shares Sanders.”That beautiful moment then translated into River Shore, which is the house in Marsh Glow.”

Marsh Glow presented Sanders with the broadest range of challenges of this collection of new paintings, all of which he relished. There is an array of texture, color, and form in the trees that is both interesting and demanding to portray in an engaging, attractive, compelling way on this large scale.

“The varied textures, shadows, and colors of both the grass and bending river areas are a challenge to keep the paint fresh, varied and unified all at once, requiring assorted direction and application of the paint,” explains Sanders. “And last but certainly not least, and the thing that drew me to this scene this time, is the entirely placid low tide waters in the river, then the still reflection.”

Sanders has three works at Shows on Maine Art Hill for the 8th Annual Choice Art Show.  The Choice Show can be seen every day from 10 am to 5 pm at the 10 Chase Hill Road address, as well as online at The 8th Annual Choice Art Show.

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