Meet the Staff – Taylor Grant

Taylor Grant has just finished her second summer season with us here on Maine Art Hill. She was first hired as a part-time framer to help out Louann McDonald our Fine Art Prints and Framing gallery. Little did we know how invaluable she would soon become.

Taylor was born in raised in Lyman, Maine just a few short miles from Kennebunk and Kennebunkport. She graduated from Maine College of Art, in Portland in 2015 with a BFA in Illustration.

“In college, I really dove into comic arts and character design,” explains Taylor. “I also got my start doing T-shirt and sticker design at this time.”

While her hope is to make a comfortable living as a freelance illustrator, she is a crazy good sales associate as well as a quality framer and has quickly become quite valuable to us here at Maine Art Hill.

“Maine Art is close to home, and I’ve enjoyed working as a framer in the past,” shares Taylor. “My work here at the gallery is more varied, but I have also learned a great deal from the day to day creation and design with Louann.”

In her free time, Taylor is often found in the garden but loves to get out into the great outdoors for camping and stargazing. 

“My future plans are to become a digital nomad. This way I can blend my work with my love of camping. I enjoy just existing in nature, whether it be out in my garden or in the middle of the woods somewhere,” says Taylor. “I am also a recreational learner. I like to know how things work, from quantum particles to quasars, so I do quite a bit of reading.”

Taylor’s “holy crap I can’t believe I just climbed that mountain” face

When asked what three important traits are to know about her, she replies, “I’m a perfectionist, a hopeless romantic, and I’m always striving to learn new things.”

It sounds like the perfect addition to a great team.