“Morning Light” A 30-Day Challenge for Margaret Gerding

The 30-day “Morning Light” challenge is a showcase of how Margaret Gerding’s artistic process works. Each painting is done quickly, within an hour, plein-air, on an 8×8 panel.

Day 3 Day 7

“This subject matter reflects the time of the day I often paint. I love the quiet early morning, the sound of the birds awakening, the light setting the scene, the stillness in the air,” says Gerding. “I like the solitude. When the world is still, I am closest to nature and the soft light of morning.”

Day 6 Day 4

When an artist sets out on one of these challenges, it is hard not to have expectations.  The morning sun easily creates a picture in the mind of how this grid would eventually look.

“I didn’t expect so many overcast days, but I have learned to love the diffused colors and atmosphere that goes along with it,” says Gerding about the surprise at the end of a cloudy month. 

Day 2 Day 5

No matter the color, looking at the collection as a whole gives excellent insight into how Gerding works. These small pieces are often just the beginning of something more.

“The quick studies capture a moment in time and are used to produce future large studio created paintings,” explains Gerding. “It’s important for me to work directly observing nature—the struggles along with the successes. Dividing my time between plein-air and studio painting has allowed me a balance between study and refinement.”

For the 2019 Summer Show, Gerding has arranged these 8 x 8 s in a beautiful grid. Each sells for $850, with special pricing for multiples. 

Gerding’s work will be featured at Shows on Maine Art Hill through July 18, alongside Ingunn Joergensen and Julie Houck.  Shows is open every day from 10 – 5.  FMI call 207-967-0048 or to see the entire show online click the link below.

Gerding, Houck, and Joergensen- A Summer Show

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