My View of the Water – Artist Insights from William B. Hoyt for WATER

After following artist, William B. Hoyt for years, there is no other that captures the light and love found in water.  Hoyt is also quite famous for his storytelling abilities. With that said, we are fortunate to have him share a little insight into a few of the pieces he created for WATER.

Morning on Muscle Ridge

This view greeted me after a night in our Westfalia at the Lobster Buoy Campground in South Thomaston, Maine. As the fog burned off, it gradually revealed the islands. Muscle Ridge was named from the effort needed to row to and from these islands that had working granite quarries and hundreds of resident stonecutters.

The Nubble 

This often photographed lighthouse in York, Maine, presented its stark rock-bound appearance on a bright day in April in the early afternoon. Not sure why it’s called the Nubble. Maybe before it had a lighthouse, the extension of the point, almost attached by an isthmus at low tide, was described as a “Nubble,” and the name stuck. I really enjoyed painting the complex rock formations and the sparkling water as well as the handsome lighthouse itself.


Moon Over St. Anne’s

At sunset on April 26th, the full super moon, The Pink Moon, rises slowly out of the still bare trees over St. Anne’s Church. This is seen from the western end of Gooch’s Beach.  April’s full moon corresponds with the early springtime blooms of phlox, also called “moss pink.”

The Soft Sounds of Surf 

High tide in the morning. Where’s the beach? At low tide, it’s a hundred yards wide, but this morning, we are awakened at sunrise to find it lapping at the cement retaining wall and the foot of the wooden stairs.


Sunrise through clouds over the calm waters in the enclosed bay of Roque island. This is inside the arms of the mile-long curved beach and encircling smaller islands.



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