New Techniques and Tools – Insights from Artist Craig Mooney

Artist Craig Mooney opened his Summer Solo Show at Shows on Maine Art Hill on July 20.  In less than twenty-four hours, almost half of the show’s pieces have sold. 

John Spain, the owner of Maine Art Hill, says, “It was fabulous. The works Mooney brought to this event are spectacular. I knew it. He knew it. The question always comes down to if the public recognizes it.”

They did. Both collectors and people seeing Mooney’s work for the first time fell in love. The most intriguing and most commented-on part of this show is its diversity. From the size to the subject there is a fantastic variety of work. Each is, without a doubt, a Mooney, but all hold something just a little unique, including a collection works that he has created using a new technique. 

Both Sandbar Light and Shadow and Above it All are lovely examples of this. He has continued with his big brushes but has added in a trowel of sorts to his repertoire. 

“The tool is something I picked up at the hardware store, not from the art supply catalog,” says Mooney. “It is a large flat metal tool.  It reminds me of something you might use for bricklaying or plastering. I love it.”

Mooney uses this to create a more geometric design, both in subject as well as the paint itself. The windswept skies and seas and stunning green islands and marshes have a new and exciting appearance that forces the viewer to lean in. 

“With solid and smooth strokes, I can create movement with the trowel,” explains Mooney. “Done is successive strokes; it adds a little bit of texture that I have not been able to create with a brush.”

Earth Meets Sky is another example of this work. 

“When I work big, the paint has to be compelling. It can’t just be an object or a place,” says Mooney. “It is not about how well I can paint. I want to show something interesting, the history and the mystery.”

This show is full of Craig Mooney stories.  We invite you all to see it for yourself. Shows on Maine Art Hill is open every day 10 – 5. Mooney’s show will run until August 8. FMI call 207-967-0049 or visit CRAIG MOONEY SOLO SHOW 2019

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