Not Always and Artist – Insights from Ellen Welch Granter

Most artist statements begin with, “Ever since I was a child, I knew I wanted to be an artist.” Not for Ellen Welch Granter.


“After I won the East Rochester Volunteer Ambulance Corps Ham Festival Dinner Poster Contest in 7th grade, I should have seen my future career path,” laughs Granter, “but I didn’t.”

Even though she hasn’t strayed far, she has strayed.

“Although I was always creating. Be it painting, designing clothes, knitting, or making jewelry. At each fork in my road, I fully turned toward painting what I love,” explains Granter. “What do I love about it? I love the possibilities of a few new tubes of paint, a handful of good brushes, a blank canvas, and the glimmer of what I hope might be a promising idea.”

Over the years, Granter’s need for change continues throughout her career as an artist. She explores from the love of her bird to turning an ordinary buoy into a work of art. She shares her childhood hatred of being on the water but the love being near it with each piece she creates, no matter the subject.


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