Oil, Acrylic, and Wax. Oh My! – Artist Insights from Maine Art Hill

No matter the medium, there is something for everyone. First, enjoy Liz Hoag’s acrylics as you walk through her woods. Next, celebrate using wax and a blow torch with Kathy Ostrander Roberts’s encaustics. Finally, relax and breathe deep with Jill Matthews and her ethereal oils.

First, the ethereal oils of Jill Matthews.

“I admit to being afraid of bold brushwork. I always blend out and get angry when I have overworked something,” says Matthews. “The next day, I return and try to regain some of that texture and movement. Ideally, what I go after in my pieces is a mood. Overall they have an ethereal feel to them.”

Matthews gravitates toward misty, foggy mornings with very simplified compositions that are calming.

“It is who I am, so I stay with it. Tranquility and peace are what I look for. They are the reasons I paint,” shares Matthews. “This isn’t just a job for me. Painting grounds me and is therapeutic. I am so fortunate this is my job.”

Next, you will wander through the woods with Liz Hoag’s acrylics.

Hoag has always enjoyed the act of painting itself. The physical craft of it is soothing. She focuses on what is in front of her and doesn’t worry about what is outside her studio.

“People talk about flow. When I get there while painting, I produce my best work, making my entire day better,” shares Hoag. “I move along without overthinking. The results are beautiful.”

Lastly, take a long look at what a bit of wax, 60 layers, and a blowtorch can accomplish. Kathy Ostrander Roberts works magic with her encaustics.

For Kathy Ostrander Roberts, each painting is unique. She can rarely create the same effect twice. It is nearly impossible to control how the wax will blend.

“Oil stick pigments, combined with the wax and resin, add depth to paintings and make it look as though you are looking down into the water and into what’s below it,” explains Roberts. “Various wax additives allow paintings to have a shiny surface. Collectors can even be polished like you would polish a car if you prefer that shiny surface.”

Remember, this show can be seen in person at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk at Shows on Maine Art Hill. Visitors can also view it virtually by clicking the link below. This show will run until July 28. Open every day at 10 AM.

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We hope to see you at some point during what is slated to be truly fabulous.