Opinions Exchanged – Jeffrey Fitzgerald, Artist Choice

Opinions Exchanged by Jeffrey Fitzgerald

Jeffery Fitzgerald does a lot of paintings in the winter. With that, very few of his paintings are of the winter. His love affair with the canvas, color, and brushstroke suggesting warmer vignettes and so with this, he welcomes the spring and Opinions Exchanged his Artist Choice piece for 2018.

“This painting is of sand, branches, rocks and tiny new spring life proposed by brushstroke. It activates and energizes the canvas, but at the same time holds it together,” says Fitzgerald. “I use texture to conjure objects and then paint over texture to suggest an underneath.”

Though considered abstract, Jeffrey Fitzgerald’s work is often representational.  His life near the coast influences his work. The tumultuous play of water and earth and life bring a celebration of nature.

The naming of his paintings often leads the viewer down the road to understanding.  “Opinions Exchanged is about catching pieces of conversations that are similar but offer lots of voices. This one, a warm spring day and its blessings,” explains Fitzgerald.


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