Paintings Born Out of Paintings – Artist Insights from R. Scott Baltz

“I created this show over a period of time, many pieces over the past year,” shared artist R. Scott Baltz. “If one was to look at this collection as a whole, most seem to be a slight variation, stylistically, from each other.  This is very common in the way I work.”

Baltz approaches most paintings in much the same way, but often, something happens in the course of applying the paint or even with his vision, and it basically changes the way he applies the paint.

“It just happens,  a little something, a different stroke or a little more medium,” he explains. “It stimulates an idea within myself that says, ‘Hmmm.’  During these ah-ha moments, I realize I should consider taking that idea another step in my next painting.”

Sometimes these things that “just happen”stimulate or bring about an idea that Baltz works on further down the road.

“My feeling is that each painting is born out of the one that proceeded it,” says Baltz. A lovely way to journey in this fabulous world of color.

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