Patterns and Paintings – Artist Insights from Bethany Harper Williams

When the front of a canvas isn’t enough, a pattern wraps around and extends something already so beautiful.

“I’ve started to think more about the side panels of the paintings,” explains Bethany Harper Williams. “I was at a show at the Guggenheim and noticed a glow of color above some of the paintings. As I ascended the gallery, I looked down on these same paintings and saw that the top panels had been painted a vibrant pink.”

If you are looking for inspiration, where else do you go but the Guggenheim?

“It inspired me to look at the sides of my paintings,” shares Williams.”I like the glow it creates without distracting from the painting itself. The stripes add to the whimsy of the paintings and allude to the stripes of a beach towel.”

The question always comes down to how the process works. What is the plan? Ironically, the answer is that there is no plan.

“I don’t plan where the patterns will go. They are just an expression of what I’m feeling now, ” Williams says.  “I often leave a painting and come back to it to see it from a different perspective and then add to it. That’s usually when the fun stuff happens!”

Bethany Harper Williams 2022 Summer Show ends September 15th at Shows on Maine Art Hill. Come in to check out these amazing little details. It’s always worth the trip. Remember, we carry her work all year long. This is just a blast of summer fun all in one place.


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